Cyberfloor raised access flooring

Cyberfloor Key Features :

Besides been extremely lightweight, robust and fire resistant when compared to existing access flooring systems available Cyberfloor also offers :

  • Open design architecture allows the system to evolve with technology, or to a clients specialised requirements
  • Plug point lid folds away ( flush with the floor ) leaving power and data access neat and unobtrusive
  • Power, Data and Telecommunications available where you need them, when you need them, effortlessly (3, 600 possibilities per 100m2 compared to 1, 111 for standard access floors)
    A typical electrical box may contain up to :
    1 x Normal Power
    1 x UPS Power
    3 x Data ( RJ 45 )
    3 X Telephone ( RJ11 )
  • It eliminates the requirement for Fire Barriers or Sprinklers
  • It eliminates the need to use under floor Cable Trays
  • It reduces the cost of the Electrical Installation as plugging points are eliminated under floor
  • It h as a minimal impact on building design both in terms of height & weight
  • It is readily retrofitted to existing buildings (no weight or height issues)
  • It is not attached to the building structure and can be removed quickly for use elsewhere
  • It is a viable alternative to inflexible and unsightly electrical poles