Cyberfloor raised access flooring
CyberFloor progresses in Africa

Having already completed projects around the borders of South Africa, with three installations in Namibia, two in Swaziland and one in both Mozambique and Lesotho, CyberFloor recently completed the dealing rooms for The Standard Chartered Bank in Dar es Salaam and Kampala.

Adrian Gaillard the CyberFloor Director responsible for these installations and who personally supervised both these latest installations says that the simplicity of the CyberFloor system leads to very straight forward installations, where local assistance can be recruited and utilised without any compromise to the quality standards of the installation.

Both in Dar es Salaam and Kampala it was essential that the dealing rooms remained operational during the refurbishment process, this meant installing the access flooring and new specialised dealing room furniture sourced in the United Kingdom in phases, over consecutive weekends.

CyberFloor was delivered directly to the sites and Adrian flew up in each instance on the Friday, doing a quick site inspection on the Friday evening. Work commenced early on Saturday morning with the Standard Chartered Team, disconnecting the existing workstations.

A major advantage of the CyberFloor system over standard access flooring is that nothing is permanently attached or bonded to the floor structure, in both these instances it was not necessary to remove the existing carpeting and therefore not having to fix floor screed as is normally required. Once the existing workstations had been disconnected and moved to one side the access flooring could commence.

In both instances a different team installed the new furniture sourced in the United Kingdom during the following weekend, no problems were experienced and no disruption to the Standard Chartered operation occurred.

Both these installations were relatively small being approximately 100m2 each, but the fact that both were completed well within a weekend, with the working operation unaffected, despite existing furniture still being in place speaks volumes for the simplicity of the CyberFloor System, without these complications a single team can install at least 200m2 per day, thus making it suitable for much larger projects.