Cyberfloor raised access flooring

User-friendly, flexible and cost-effective, CyberFloor is the ultimate in raised access flooring for new or existing buildings. CyberFloor is the intelligent office’s answer to effective wire management. This modular raised access flooring system is exceptionally user-friendly and adapts easily to all spaces, both old and new.

From the outset Cyberfloor was designed for simplicity of installation, no special tools or equipment are required, or any specialised skills. Installation crews can be taught the process in a matter of hours.

The CyberFloor system consists of four basic elements : -

  • The basic CyberFloor pedestal measuring 166mm x 166mm x 50mm High 
  • The Footpad, which plugs into the pedestals forming both a link and a flexible cushioning link to the floor structure.
  • The plug-in leg, which is only used when standard legs on a pedestal have been removed for fitting purposes.
  • The standard electrical outlet box, (same module as the pedestal), which can be fitted in place of any CyberFloor pedestal to provide flexible electrical outlets.