Cyberfloor raised access flooring

The raised access floor cable management system shall be of a low profile of not more than 50mm high, complying with clause TT11 of SABS 0400. It shall be non-metal, injection-moulded pedestals that together form channels running at 166mm centers. The pedestal design shall allow for electrical telephone and computer cabling in bundles and for small diameter piping for air conditioning to be installed below the floor. CyberFloor shall not be permanently attached to the base floor. The carpet or finish must be rated in accordance with SABS 0400 and shall maintain its full fire rating when used in conjunction with CyberFloor pedestals.

Installation and Building Requirements
Almost any good contract carpet can be selected for use with CyberFloor, however, the fire grade should comply with SABS 0400. The surface on which the tiles are laid must be smooth and level (within normal building tolerances). CyberFloor can be laid over existing carpet. The system is clipped together using a soft foot, which interfaces with the building structure; this soft foot allows the system to be self-leveling. The system is not fixed in any way to the building structure and may be removed and reused readily at other premisis. The system may be lifted at any time for access to under-floor services.

The pedestals are 166mm square and 50mm high.
The weight of the system is approximatley 12kg per square meter.

CyberFloor is certified by the CSIR as ‘deemed to comply’ with SABS 0400 with respect to fire ratings. Full-scale fire tests show that CyberFloor does not propogate fire even when used in conjunction with polypropylene carpets. (CSIR Ref. 59869/32).

CyberFloor complies with DIN 66095 Par 4 with regard to anti-static properties (SABS re. 5526/1403611/E1/R801) when tested in accordance with DIN 54345 Part 2 with an earthed, CyberFloor electrical box. Test reports are available on request

Load Ratings
Static Loading - 200kg
Castor Load (25x5mm) - 100kg
Castor Load (50x5mm) - 200kg
Uniform Load / Square metre - 7200kg
Impact Strength (kg/cm) - 250

All load testing has been conducted in controlled laboratory conditions at the University of the Witwatersrand. In each case a factor safety of 2 has been applied.